I [heart] Hermione!

Harry Potter Premiere House SignsWhat do fire-breathing dragons and 15 year-old girls have in common? Tendencies for fiery outbursts? Or the fact that they were both present in Leicester Square yesterday for the World Premier of Harry Potter.

If it’s the later I guess I have something in common with them too. Yes, I know you’re all insanely jealous right now, but I was one of the several thousand people, sandwiched between pubescent girls, screaming and snapping pictures.

My Harry Potter day started at noon when I arrived in Leicester Square and met up with Adam and Ellen. I was fully prepared to stake out our spot and wait 5 hours for the stars to arrive – I had my rain jacket, Gore-Tex pants, 4 peanut butter and jam sandwiches, 5 apples, a deck of cards, my camera, coloured paper, and markers. But Adam and Ellen were hungry for real food and convinced me that after 5 hours of standing and waiting in the rain I would be bitter. I figured after 30 minutes I would be bitter, but after 5 hours I’d be over it and ready to snap pictures. But I relented to their better judgment and we went to a restaurant for a full English breakfast.

I Heart HermioneWe then killed the next 3 hours making fan posters with “I [heart] Hermione” and “Hagrid is a Hunk”, taking pictures at Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross, and wandering through Covent Garden. At 4:00 we stumbled back into Leicester Square and were greeted by thousands of screaming fans who had assembled while we were gone. As we were looking for a spot to stand, we walked down the center of the cleared street that the limos were going to drive up and the girls lining the barriers on each side started screaming and snapping pictures of us. Adam even went and signed a few autographs – he gets a lot of love with his Oliver Twist hat.

Our 5 seconds of fame over, we resigned ourselves to standing at the back of the pack trying to get a good glimpse of a spot where the stars would arrive. It was funny that as each car pulled up people would start screaming and snapping pictures. Of course the first 5 cars contained absolute nobodies who happened to have tickets to the show. Then cars rolled up with Emma (Hermione), Rupert (Ron), and Daniel (Harry). I snapped a few pictures, but didn’t get any good ones of the stars. We then moved away from the spot where the cars were pulling up (which was a madhouse of people crushed together and digital cameras thrust in the air) to another part of the square where they had giant screens set up showing interviews with the recently arrived guests. It wasn’t the same as seeing them in person, but it was a better view. Some notable celebrities to attend the premier were Madonna and Claudia Schiffer. When Madonna arrived I thought it was J.K. Rowling, and commented to Jason that her outfit made her look a lot like Madonna. Whoops.

Read more here (and see better pictures) or my favourite article Is Hermione too pretty? The burning question as fans greet Potter stars

Adam surprised us by revealing that he had 3 tickets for us to watch the movie on opening night in Leicester Square. Too cool. We’ll have to make more signs and get some costumes.

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