Parents in London

On the TubeA week after Kelsey left, I’m now finding myself entertaining my parents and showing them around town. It’s really nice to see them now, because I won’t be back home in Winnipeg until February.

There trip so far has been really enjoyable, but extremely tiring. It’s a good thing they’re only here for 5 days. Friday night we hit my mom’s “must see sights” – where I work and where I live. We also had a traditional English dinner at The Grapes pub in the Docklands – fish and chip meals, two pints of beer (Strongbow and Carling), and bread and butter pudding. It was scrumptious. The pub was a perfect British pub – small, cozy, good beer on the taps, friendly staff, delicious food, and no smoking in the back.

Off With Her HeadSaturday and Sunday were both long days. Saturday we met up early and went to watch the Lord Mayor’s Show – a parade rich in history and tradition. The parade was decent, but nothing to write about (but they had a camel). After the parade we went on a tour of the City that was amazing. I learned about the origins of Bread Street, Wood Street, and Love Lane; learned about the guilds; and saw the original roman walls about the City. After the tour we watched the fireworks on the Thames, and then collapsed into a vegetarian restaurant near Angel tube station. All the walking and standing really killed us and around 7:00 we were done for the day.

Sunday was more walking and more sightseeing. The summary: Trafalgar Square, Borough Market, National Gallery, Big Ben, Westminster, Greenwich, and the London Museum. But the highlight was lunch in the Crypt of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. It was really cool eating in the crypt, and the food was the best I’ve had in London so far (and at reasonable prices).

Gog and MagogAfter two days of intense sightseeing I’m ready to collapse, and am looking forward to a day of sitting on my ass tomorrow. I’m not sure how my parents will handle one more day. Tomorrow night we’re going to see Saturday Night Fever, and then they fly back to Canada Tuesday morning.


  1. Staying in London For the Holidays?
    I can’t believe you arn’t going home for xmas. Where will you be? When are you flying back to Waterloo?


    • Re: Staying in London For the Holidays?
      It will be my first Christmas away from my family. 😦
      I’m in Edinborough, Scotland for Christmas and New Year’s staying at a friend’s place. Edinborough is supposed to have a crazy wild New Year’s celebration (Hogamany) I fly back to Waterloo on January 3rd, so I’ll miss the first day of lectures.


  2. Awesome trip
    We had a fabulous time and Christopher was a great tour guide. I think we played him out though. We were glad for a day of sitting on the plane heading back. Came back to snow banks and blowing snow. After one morning of plowing through snow banks and slow running buses, I miss the subway system.
    Was fabulous to have two days to visit with Christopher and see his world.


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