More like a Monday Night Cold

On my parents last night in London I treated them to a West End musical – Saturday Night Fever (the Bee Gees musical). Why Saturday Night Fever? Because cheap tickets were available when I booked a few weeks ago and my Dad likes the Bee Gees. In retrospect, I should have waited and bought cheap tickets day of. It’s not exactly peak season, so there is a lot available and we could have seen something better like Les Miserables or Chicago. Sorry folks. Screwed that one up.

Saturday Night Fever wasn’t great, I thought Fame was a lot better. The plot was cheesy, the only songs I liked were Disco Inferno and Disco Duck, and the lead character was disappointing. I thought the jokes were a bit crude and overtly sexual, where as Fame had more innuendo and genuinely funny moments. On the plus side, some of the girls had great voices, the dancing was solid, and the guy who played the old, dirty dance instructor man was hilarious. Being a child of the 80s I missed the disco era, so I don’t understand the flashy clothing and plunging neck lines on men’s shirts. Although some of the outfits the girls wore were quite sexy.

I do have tickets to see the Marry Poppins musical next weekend. I’m hoping it lives up to all the hype surrounding it in my mind.

Tuesday night I saw Wallace & Grommit – Curse of the Wear-Rabbit (continuing my tradition of only seeing British films while in London – next is Harry Potter, and then The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). W & G was hilarious. I was a bit worried when all the commercials beforehand were geared toward 5 year old children, but most of the jokes would have went way over there heads.

Before the movie started they showed a 20 minute short with the penguins from Madagascar. The penguins were the funniest part of Madagascar (next to the crazy lemur guys), and I thought the short was funnier than full Madagascar movie.

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