Although it’s only been like 4 months since I last went, I almost forgot how much fun bowling was. Last night I went to a Morgan Stanley bowling social event. And it was a blast!

My co-workers had two teams and adjoining alleys, and we spent the night taunting each other, screaming, and drinking pitchers of Carling. My voice was really hoarse from all the screaming. Everytime I got a strike I would scream and make body builder poses. The guys had a good chuckle about it when I came in this morning. I bowled ok. Not my best games (108 and 141), but I had the highest aggregate score between the 12 of us.

I’m not sure why, but the event had a Christmas theme (isn’t it a bit early?). We got noise makers and funky hats. Some teams got Santa hats, we got reindeer ears. Very cool.

After bowling everyone jumped on the tube to go home. We had a good time acting like drunken yobs, making noise, and wearing our reindeer hats. I found it amazing to find out that even though everyone I work with gets paid really well, and some have families with kids, no one has cars. That’s unheard of! The closest they get to driving is the games in the arcade.
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  1. I remember bowling with Chris. It’s good times. I’m jealous of England.
    Looks like y’all had fun though…you do look a mite like a bunny rabbit though, you might want to have that looked into…


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