Roundhay Park 5

£8 Race registration
47p Postage to send in race registration
£9.85 Coach to/from Leeds
9 hours Time spent on a bus to/from Leeds
£35 Single room in rundown hotel
90p Bus ride to Roundhay Park
£10 Registering again because they never received the original
5 miles Of gentle hills down paved paths
2° C Air trying to suck the energy from my body
33:30 minutes Of mind numbing, body punishing running

But throwing up at the finish line and getting a t-shirt for my efforts made it all worth while. Although it was a pretty pathetic puking. Mostly water and stomach acid.

I ran a good race. I started and ended strong, which was my goal. The middle miles were a bit slow, my legs were burning pretty good, unused to the build up of lactic acid. I didn’t train at all race for the race. I’ve only been on a dozen light runs since I’ve been in London. I didn’t have a watch on and thought I was running quite slow, especially when people started passing me in the middle miles. But a 33:30 would have been a 41:37 pace for a 10 km run. Not blazing fast, but not slow either, especially considering the conditions (and my condition). I attribute my result to general fitness from all the walking and sheer determination.


  1. Know what’s good for lactic acid on your muscles? You need a crack team of school children with mops. That’s how Ms. Frizzle won a track and field match against a rival teacher.
    Everything I know about physical fitness, I learned from watching Magic Schoolbus. …that’s not too sad, is it?
    Good job on the race though.


  2. Well done, champ
    excellant race description. your entries are certainly much shorter and too the point. see you saturday evening.


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