Roundhay Park 5

£8 Race registration
47p Postage to send in race registration
£9.85 Coach to/from Leeds
9 hours Time spent on a bus to/from Leeds
£35 Single room in rundown hotel
90p Bus ride to Roundhay Park
£10 Registering again because they never received the original
5 miles Of gentle hills down paved paths
2° C Air trying to suck the energy from my body
33:30 minutes Of mind numbing, body punishing running

But throwing up at the finish line and getting a t-shirt for my efforts made it all worth while. Although it was a pretty pathetic puking. Mostly water and stomach acid.

I ran a good race. I started and ended strong, which was my goal. The middle miles were a bit slow, my legs were burning pretty good, unused to the build up of lactic acid. I didn’t train at all race for the race. I’ve only been on a dozen light runs since I’ve been in London. I didn’t have a watch on and thought I was running quite slow, especially when people started passing me in the middle miles. But a 33:30 would have been a 41:37 pace for a 10 km run. Not blazing fast, but not slow either, especially considering the conditions (and my condition). I attribute my result to general fitness from all the walking and sheer determination.

4 thoughts on “Roundhay Park 5”

  1. Know what’s good for lactic acid on your muscles? You need a crack team of school children with mops. That’s how Ms. Frizzle won a track and field match against a rival teacher.
    Everything I know about physical fitness, I learned from watching Magic Schoolbus. …that’s not too sad, is it?
    Good job on the race though.


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