Christmas in Edinburgh

This morning I arrived in Edinburgh after taking an overnight coach. I thought it was a perfect plan that would give me the ability to sleep and awake refreshed at my destination. How wrong I was. I did get some sleep, but only in 1 hour chunks accompanied by much muscle pain and bone crunching.

I’m spending Christmas and New Year’s here in Edinburgh staying with Steven (friend from Shad) and his family. Unfortunately Steven’s in the hospital right now recovering after having his appendix removed. They’re hoping he’ll be out tonight or tomorrow morning, but he’s having a difficult time keeping food down right now. I’m going to visit him with Steven’s mom in a few minutes.

I haven’t seen much of Edinburgh yet, but it’s an amazing city. Right in the city centre is this giant hill with a castle on top of it. And there are a few other big hills throughout the city that look amazing for hiking. I’m looking forward to exploring the city in the coming days. Since Steven’s going to be a bit weak, looks like I’m on my own. Mr. Findlay fitted me up with a bike today, so I should be able to get around self-sufficiently. Steven’s parents are really nice and have been super accommodating for me, especially considering their son is in the hospital and he only told them on Thursday that I’m vegetarian.

I’ll write more after I’ve explored the city a bit more. I’m hoping to see most of Edinburgh, maybe get out to Roslin, and spend a day or two in Inverness. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year wherever they are.

Take care.


  1. Merry Christmas,
    We are looking forward to another Christmas in February when you come home. Kutia, borscht, perogies and holopsti.
    Love Baba C


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