They love me, they really love me

Today was my last day at Morgan Stanley. It had an auspicious start when I arrived at work and noticed I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I had a white undershirt on, but no dress shirt. Not sure how I forgot that this morning. So, I’ve spent the day wearing my red fleece.

The guys took me out for lunch, and then afterwards presented me with a card and a gift. The card had some hilarious comments, mostly in reference to my Christmas party antics: “Good Luck with the moose hunting”, “I wish I could have seen you on the tube after the Xmas party”, “I’m definitely going to spread your warm-hearted post-party story”, “thanks for your help and drunken antics”, and “who’s the hotty?”. Wow. I put in all that hard work all term, only to be remebered by my behaviour on one night.

As for the gift, I expected something like chocolates. But I got a 2 GB IPod Nano! Hot damn! I couldn’t believe it. I’m still a bit stunned. I got an Outstanding on my work term evaluation too (although it doesn’t matter anymore).

The work term has been pretty good. Obviously outside of work I had a good time. London is an amazing place. But even the work was good. There was a slow bit in the middle, but the past month has been espeically fun and challenging. I’ve been working a green-field project with a small team, which has been really interesting. I enjoy projects that allow for some design work and aren’t constricted by crappy code written by other programmers.

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