Ok. I know I’m new to this whole iPod and iTunes world, but I just discovered podcasts, and they’re really cool. I ran accross the CBC Radio 3 Canadian Music Podcast and it’s great – all indie Canadian music. Other than the New Pornographers, I haven’t heard of any of the bands yet. I’m impressed with the quality. I love discovering good music. Podcast #32 was a 2005 Top 14 countdown which had some amazing tunes. My favourites were:

  • Two Hours Traffic – Better Sorry Than Safe
  • Mood Ruff – Rocketship (Unbelieveable, a Hip Hop group from Winnipeg)
  • Immaculate Machine – Phone No.
  • Wolf Parade – Shine a Light

Anyone know any good podcasts? Right now I only have some NDP and CBC ones (I’m too nerdy not to listen to Quirks & Quarks).

One comment

  1. I like Coke Machine Glow‘s podcast, it can be found here. It is also an indie music podcast, but is not focused on Canadian indie as is Radio 3’s podcast. I suggest you get all of CBC Radio 3’s podcasts, I’ve listened to it from the beginning and I’ve discovered many awesome bands such as Elliot Brood and You Say Party! We Say Die!. Oh and all of the music that is played on Radio 3’s podcasts can be found at New Music Canada.


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