Election pondering

Rick Mercer has a funny/scary blog entry on the makeup of a Conservative Cabinet come Tuesday morning.

For other politcal junkies out there, Wikipedia has a good summary of Canadian election polls and predictions. I don’t put much stock in the polls. I think they influence voting more than they reflect real intentions. But I do like looking at numbers.

Average of the last 3 days of numbers:

Party Vote % Seats
Liberal 27.2 65
Conservative 37.2 146
NDP 18.9 36
Bloc 11.1 60
Greens 5.3 0

Which would result in a minority conservative government. Although it should be noted that last election, the majority of pollsters were predicting a Conservative minority and the Liberals won again, so nothing is ever certain. Should be interesting.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! And please vote with your conscience for the party you support, not out of fear nor with some strategy. The politics of fear is a dangerous game. And strategic voting is a cyclical argument: “I only vote for parties with a chance of winning”, but the chance of winning is often based on the number of votes received last election. So nothing ever changes.

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