Getting ready for ye pARRRRty

Today Ben and I bussed down to Value Village to buy our costumes for tomorrow’s Iron Ring Stag. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, so I should probably get to bed soon, but first a little preview of the festivities.

9:00 Champagne Breakfast – costumes, pancakes, and orange juice and champagne
12:00 IRS Countdown at POETS
12:30 Andrew 2.0 at Weaver’s – drinking begins in earnest
5:30 After sobering up, Iron Ring Ceremony where I will receive my iron ring
7:00 Dinner at some fancy restaurant
9:00 Iron Ring Stag at the Wax. Involving crazy costumes, drinking, dancing, and clothing removal

Pirate Costume  Arrrrrr!  Pirate Karate  Pirate Bing Drinking  Pirates Partying Too Hard

5 thoughts on “Getting ready for ye pARRRRty”

      1. Absolutely yes.
        I’m working some of the days, but I’m free friday night (after eight) and Sunday for most of the day (homework can be scheduled around Chris, I think).
        Allison doesn’t have internet at the moment, so I’ll call her and let her know you’ll be in town. She’ll be super psyched.


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