Getting ready for ye pARRRRty

Today Ben and I bussed down to Value Village to buy our costumes for tomorrow’s Iron Ring Stag. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, so I should probably get to bed soon, but first a little preview of the festivities.

9:00 Champagne Breakfast – costumes, pancakes, and orange juice and champagne
12:00 IRS Countdown at POETS
12:30 Andrew 2.0 at Weaver’s – drinking begins in earnest
5:30 After sobering up, Iron Ring Ceremony where I will receive my iron ring
7:00 Dinner at some fancy restaurant
9:00 Iron Ring Stag at the Wax. Involving crazy costumes, drinking, dancing, and clothing removal

Pirate Costume  Arrrrrr!  Pirate Karate  Pirate Bing Drinking  Pirates Partying Too Hard


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