Iron Ring Craziness

Wow. What a crazy day.
Champagne Breakfast
Champagne Breakfast: Sean and Kelly prepared an amazing feast of pancakes, fruit, and of course the mimosas. We spent the morning eating breakfast while being entertained by Doug quotes: “Right now I could see myself at any point in my life”.

POETS Countdown: All the engineers piled into POETS to watch the IRS clock countdown to zero. The costumes were amazing. Teletubbies, bobsledders, dozens of really hot Laura Crofts, pirates, Mexicans, drag queens, and Ed the Sock to name a few of the more memorable.
Laura and a Teletubby  Cheap Feel  Teletubbies  Soft Touch Sledgehammer  Soft Eng Costumes  POETS Countdown

Andre 2.0: As a throw back to the mega successful Andre our class accomplished back in 2nd year, Jon Chan organized “Andre 2.0 – Software Engineers Gone WILD!” For those unaware, an Andre is when a class drink 117 beers in one afternoon, a tribute to Andre the Giant who drank 117 beers and a bottle of wine in one sitting. The party was at Weaver’s Arms and was well attended by Softies and other engineers. There was even a ceremonial mattress. Beers were consumed, boats were raced, blow up dolls were abused, and much merryment was had by all.
Laura Croft Girls Pose  Boat Racing  Sexual Harassment  Laura  Looking Up at Pirates  Pirate Drinking Games  Karaoke  Nice Ass  Nice Aviators
Taping TA to chair
Class Visits: After drinking a few at Weaver’s we decided to create some minor havoc on campus. We visited the SE 08’s concurrency class and forced the prof to walk a plank. Then we went to the Soft Eng director’s office and got a picture with him, then we found Greg Hines and taped him to his chair.

Iron Ring Ceremony: We got our iron rings in a secret ceremony. Sorry, no details allowed. Although I can say I was disappointed the wardens didn’t come out in black hooded robes. That would have been so cool. I love my ring, but I keep playing with it and banging it against stuff to see what kind of noises it will make. I have some general ring maintenance questions: do I wear it all the time, or should I take it off to sleep, shower, wash, work out, etc?

Dinner: Still dressed up in suits, we went to the Rude Native for dinner. After dinner we went to Doug’s and pre-drank and watched the oh so manly sport of figure skating.

Iron Ring Stag: Dressed back up in pirate garb, we went to the Wax in Kitchener for a night of more dancing, alcohol, and nakedness. When we arrived, the people at the door cut the collars and seams on our clothing so they could be easily ripped off. Tradition at IRS dictates that all non-black clothing is slowly ripped off while you’re on the dance floor. Until you’re left in black shorts and possibly a black shirt. It was a lot of fun. I don’t need extra excuses to loose clothing while drinking. The Tool made an apperance and I got to touch it. It was so cold – cold hard steel. Just like my ring.
IRS Ladies  Nice Tie  Letting Loose  Topless Oh My  Ripped!  Engineering Efficiency  One Million Reasons to Show Off Your Pinkie  IRS Mosh Pit

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