I took the whole wheat bun

So I made a decision. I made the call today and confirmed which job I was taking.

It was probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made, and I think it’s impossible not to have regrets. At the end of all my ponderings, I decided to do what I thought was best for me overall. I gave up the big money and the cool tech for the chance to live in Canada in a beautiful city and work for a strong company with solid work opportunities.

My perfect annology is that I gave up a double-chocolate chunk, fudge sundae with whipped cream for a whole wheat bun. Why must I always be so boring? The sundae sure looked appatizing and probably tasted really good, but it wasn’t good for me and probably would have gave me gas. On the other hand, it’s hard to get excited about the whole wheat bun, but it has everything I need. And if you throw some peanut butter on it, it actually tastes really good.
Speaking of peanut butter, I just ate 6 tablespoons of the stuff and I feel sick. Peanut butter is my comfort and guilt food. I just got an email from the director of the Microsoft team I have an offer from. The guy is so cool and so nice, and he’s really excited about me joining his team. I dread having to call him to tell him I’m turning down the offer. Especially when I have doubts about the decision I made. Grrr. I tried to call him a few minutes ago, but there was no answer. Now I have to work up the courage tomorrow to call again.


  1. I support your decision. I’m sure you’ll find a way to have fun at the whole wheat bun job, and even though the money isn’t AS good as microsoft, I’m sure it still beats out a lot of other places you could be working, right?
    Plus Allison and I are more likely to come and visit you if you’re living in Canada. B.C. is beautiful, or so I’ve heard (and would like to see)….therefore, excellent choice.


      • Congratulations! I don’t think you could call Vancouver boring or dull, and although the company may not be as well known, it sounds like a Porter kind of place. You can count on me being there when the Olympics arrive. 🙂


        • Wohooo! More visitors. I’m going to have to stock up on couches to house all my visitors come Olympics time.
          I think Vancouver is lot more exciting than Redmond and more exciting than Seattle too. The job just isn’t as sexy.


  2. Wholesome choices
    Congratulations. Welcome to the working world. Nothing like whole wheat goodness for the soul.
    We’re proud of you.
    Mom & Dad


  3. Congrats!!! 🙂
    Congradulation on your decision!! Just think. You can do a lot more with a whole wheat bun than you ever could with the double-chocolate chunk fudge sundae! When you get out there, I’m definately going to give you call. (Road Trips, woohoo!!)
    David Nakonechny


  4. Welcome to British Columbia
    Congratulations on your decision. Will be nice to have someone from Uncle Larry’s side of the family in this beautiful province. Wait till you discover the Okanagan, than you will for sure think you are in God’s country. Our door will always be open and even maybe a perogie or two will be available.
    Uncle Larry and Auntie Darlene


    • Re: Welcome to British Columbia
      Perogies! I forgot to factor all the family living close by into my decision. Access to high-quality home-made Ukrainian cuisine is a definite plus. That makes me feel much better about my decision. 🙂


    Don’t sweat it, sweet pea – you can always change jobs and work anywhere. We’re proud of you and know you’ll do well wherever you are. Another adventure awaits. Congratulations!
    Not a fan of peanut butter, pass the jar of Cheez-Whiz!
    xoxo Auntie Wiener


      Thanks Auntie Wiener! (I know you’re all insanely jelous, but only a select few get an Auntie Wiener!)
      I am really looking forward to the adventure of Vancouver. The last time I was there was over 10 years ago and I don’t remember much.
      I wonder how many more family lurkers are out there?


      • Re: WAHOO…. NOW GET TO WORK!
        I was just going to say you have a lot of family members reading your journal. hahaha.
        Congrats Porter! I’m sure you’ll have a blast there. I’m sure the Seattle crew will visit too. Me, I’ll definitely be there for the Olympics. =) You’re going to need a LOT of sleeping bags….. Softie reunion!!!


  6. support (a bit late)
    ok, I know you posted this ages ago, but I just read it. I want you to know that I think you made the right choice and that I know you’ll be happy in Canada. You should also know that the your choosing the healthy sensible choice is my one of my favorite things about you (and really, who likes having gas?)
    go vegetarian hippies


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