St. Patrick’s Day – An Ode to my Liver

Lined up for the Bomber at 1:30, started drinking at 2:30, and passed out in bed by 7:00 PM. So this is what it’s like to be Irish. It was a good night…err…afternoon. Everyone was decked out in green outfits. It was a perfect opportunity to wear my styling Ireland jacket that Kerry bought me. I got rave reviews last time I wore it, so I knew it would go over well. It’s difficult to wear such cool clothing. When I wore the John Deere shirt to the bar a few weeks ago, girls kept commenting on good I looked. Thanks Sis!

Patty highlights: Green beer, funny pictures, an awesome live Irish band, lots of great Irish costumes, and plenty of people to talk to – both friends and randoms.

St. Patrick’s night wasn’t quite as fun as the day. The fire alarm went off at 9:00 PM and woke me up. Then I woke up this morning with the urge to puke, but with nothing in my empty stomach. I ate a bowl of porridge and a few litres of water and used that to rinse out my stomach. Good times. I’m feeling better now, but there’s still a slow ache in my head.

This morning Ben, Erin, and I went over yesterday’s events to try and piece things together. The pictures from my camera helped. Although the battery died midway through the night. On a sadder note, I noticed this morning that the LCD is cracked. Not sure how that happened, as it was in its case all night. Hopefully the nice people at Canon can replace that for me before I head off to Europe.

Yesterday had scary similarities to last year’s St.Patrick’s Day party. Once again I will be swearing off alcohol and having a dry birthday next week.

The Crowd at Bomber  Moose in the Headlights  Head Butting  Me and My Beer  Doug Looses His Shirt  Lucky Lady  The Roomies  Ben and the Ladies  Sleezie Ass'Grindaghan  Booty Fitzpatrick  Booty Fitzpatrick  Check out my festive jacket  Woah! What are you doing?
(Note: Some of the better pictures were kept off the internet to protect the identities of the embarrassed individuals involved)

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