More GradBall pictures

Memories from GradBall keep coming in. Lisa and Ben have both posted quick memories from GradBall. And Ben has his pictures on Flickr.

Some of my favourites:
The Israelis 
Greg & His Angels 
Twas A Long Night 
Beauties Of The Ball 
Persian Style 
The Dazed Lineup 
Porter Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 
Anoush, the Limbo Queen 
Software's First Couple 
Lisa & I 
Greg & Guest
Porter & Guest 
Anoush & I 
Software's Second Couple 
Through The Martini Glass 
Narges & I 
Show 'Em How It's Done 
The Tool's Entrance

Update: Bennymotto has a Flickr set from GradBall too. Some of my favourite pictures (including a few with softies and me leading the conga line!):
An Eve of Indulgence 
Hue, and ALOT of alcohol 
Conga Line 
The 500 engineer macarena 
Jeff Francis Ken Peter Nhat 
Our very own bottles 

Update #2: A few more pictures:
My Hot Date 
Getting a Lift 
Soft Eng Meets the Tool 
Nick and I

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