EuroTrip2006 – Day 16: Siena Nights with Thailand Tooey

Highlight: Walking into Il Campo, the big square in Siena, observing the giant amphitheatre, and hearing an American gospel choir performing. Truly surreal.
Lowlight: Going to bed knowing that our 3rd roommate Tooey from Thailand did not make it back before curfew. Correction: he did make it back, with minutes to spare.
Fun Fact: David is 4 meters high and weighs 6 tons.
Money spent: €51
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 1
Pairs of clean underwear left: 11
Book Page: 54 (Started a new book – Wizard’s First Rule)

Last night we decided not to wake up at the crack of dawn to line up to see the Accademia Gallery. We hoped we’d enjoy it more with a full night’s sleep. So we got up at 8, grabbed breakfast, and went to line up with everyone else. It took us 2 hours to get in this time, but we did enjoy it more.

The highlights were David and Michaelangelo’s Unfinished Prisoners. David is truly awe-inspiring and larger than life. The pictures really don’t do him justice. In person, he towers over you and you can see all the details on him, like the veins popping out of his forearm. I really liked the prisoners because the looked like they were trying to escape from the marble blocks that held them.

After Accademia Gallery, we bough some groceries and killed time in a park in front of the station sitting, eating, and watching the Stazzi harass local immigrants. After the show of force by the police, we jumped on a train to Siena – the 3rd unplanned stop in our trip.

We checked into the local hostel and went to the city centre, accompanied by our new roommate, Tooey from Thailand.

Rick Steeve’s calls the main square in Siena the most beautiful in Italy. It did not disappoint. It’s shaped like a large natural amphitheatre – a half circle gently sloping down to the stage area. As we entered the square we were greeted by the heavenly singing of an American gospel choir. The whole city centre was amazing, with winding cobblestone streets almost devoid of cars and full of pedestrians. We had ditched Thailand Tooey before dinner and ate at a great little pizza joint.

We barely caught the last bus back to the hostel around 10:30. When we arrived back, Tooey wasn’t there and we started to worry. At 11:45 I though for sure was was screwed and wouldn’t make it back for the midnight curfew. But at 11:55 he walked in. Never again will I doubt Thailand Tooey.

Il Campo at Night  What's Up Bro?

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