EuroTrip2006 – Day 17: When In Rome

Highlight: Walking around the ruins of Ancient Rome.
Lowlight: Calling the place in Rome that Ariel was staying at and finding out she had been in Florence for a day looking for us.
Fun Fact: Nero’s Palace covered a huge chunk of Ancient Rome and had a private lake in the middle (where the Colosseum now stands). Nero wasn’t very well liked.
Money spent: €52.50
Ben Frustration Index(BFI): 1
Pairs of clean underwear left: 10
Book Page: 132

Siena is really nice, but it’s a bit of a black hole, which made it a challenge to leave. When we arrived at the train station we had to wait 2 hours, take a train to Chiutsu, and transfer to a train to Rome. Around 4 pm we finally arrived in Rome. On the train we sat in a compartment with Jesse and James (twins) and Kim and Katie (American girls who loved to talk). We played Gin and listened to Katie yap endlessly.

When we arrived in Rome we needed to check out 4 hostels before we found one that wasn’t full. We dropped off our bags and walked through town – seeing the Ancient City, including the Colosseum and other ruins. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant, Luzzi, 2 blocks east of the Colosseum.

Back in the hostel, I was in bed reading when Ben came in from his shower saying he saw someone who looked like Ariel in the common room talking Spanish with 5 other girls. When we arrived in Rome, I tried calling her, but was told she was in Florence looking for us. But I went to check anyway, and sure enough Ariel was sitting there. What a pleasant surprise. Now we have a new face to sigh-see with tomorrow.

Colloseum  Roman Founding Fathers

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