New Apartment

I’ve moved into the new apartment. I’m still living out of boxes and busy buying everything I need. The list of stuff I need is even more extensive than Greg’s. I don’t even have a bed yet, but its purchased and should have arrived today. I have assurances it will come tomorrow.
Kitchen  Living Room  Burrard Bridge  Living Room  BedroomBridge at Night  Martello Tower  Beach Condos


  1. That’s a view! Wow.. nice place! I can’t wait to visit.
    As for me.. still looking for housing.. though it’s more that I can’t decide on a neighborhood and everything is expensive then lack of opportunities.


    • Good luck on your search.
      It’ll take us a few weeks to get settled and get all the furniture needed to accept guests (mainly a futon), but once we do everyone is more than welcome to come visit.


  2. New Digs
    Nice Place. Love the floors and lack of clutter. Looking forward to sleeping on your new bed when we visit. (Guests get the futon, but parents get the bed. One of the perks of child birth!)
    The view is awesome. If you can cook and sleep,you have everything you really need. The rest of the stuff will accumulate faster than you can imagine.


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