Google Personalized Home

I recently nerded out my Google Personalized Homepage and added all kinds of yummy modules and RSS feeds. I just wanted to share some of them and get some ideas for new modules and feeds.

First, I use Tabs to separate my homepage by content and keep things clutter free. Unfortunately, it’s only client-side scripting, so it still loads the content from every tab.

The other modules I use are:

  • Weather Module – set to Vancouver
  • Google Calendar and Gmail – to keep on top of things
  • Google News Reader – to follow my favourite blogs
  • Sticky Notes and To-Do List – to keep track of all the stuff I need to do

The RSS feeds I subscribe to are:

  • News feeds from CBC – Top Stories, BC News, and MB News, and TSN for sports.
  • Wired, Slashdot, and Lifehacker – for all my nerd content
  • Rotten Tomatoes – Top Movies and Opening Movies – because its the only source I trust to recommend movies
  • My Flickr Comments – because I’m addicted

Main Tab  News Tab  Entertainment Tab

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