Fun Day – Kayaking!

A few months before I arrived at Business Objects, some managers decided that the Engineers weren’t having enough fun and needed something to spice up there work lives. Their solution – Fun Day! They built fun into the name so it’s impossible not to have a good time. Every 2 months, each team gets a $50/person budget to do something fun. In July we went go-karting. On Thursday, we spent our 2nd fun day kayaking on Bowen Island.

Unfortunately, I left the camera at home, so you’ll have to use your imagination (good thing too because I got soaked). Picture 15 nerds paddling along in brightly coloured ocean kayaks. They’re gliding along smooth water in the sheltered waters of Horseshoe Bay, the only waves generated by passing ferries. In the distance you can see majestic mountains and lush forrests. As they paddle from Snug Cove along the coast of Bowen Island, they are watched by curious sea gulls, a seal, and even a sea otter.

As the tired nerds are returning to Snug Cove after 3 hours of paddling, one mischievous nerd uses his bilge pump to start shooting water at his unsuspecting manager. A water fight breaks out and the nerds swallow mouth-fulls of salt water and become thoroughly drenched. Luckily, it’s unusually warm, and the sun quickly dries them off, leaving behind an uncomfortable salty layer on their skin.


  1. Miscevious Nerd
    And who would that miscevious nerd be??? Never known you to miss an opportunity for a water fight. Sounds like fun.


    • Re: Miscevious Nerd
      Ok. Maybe I started the water fight, but the idea was planted in my head by Travis (my manager). He suggested everyone make sure their bilge pumps worked well because they were excellent for water fights.


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