Furniture Shopping

My goal today was to buy some furniture. We still need a futon, kitchen table and chairs, and lamps for the common areas and I need a desk and bedside table for my bedroom. I visited a few stores this afternoon, but didn’t see anything I liked. I did manage to buy a pair of new Rockport shoes though. They’re super comfy.

When I got home, I went down to the basement to see if anyone was throwing stuff away. The last couple of days people have been moving out and leaving stuff behind in the laundry room. I saw a ratty couch in their yesterday and some kitchen stuff – from which I grabbed a punch bowl ladle (never know when you’ll need a punch bowl ladle). When I went down tonight, there was a newish looking futon bed and an ghetto tv. I quickly grabbed Daniel and we hauled up the futon. We couldn’t believe people were just giving it away. It looks pretty new and is in good shape.

As we quickly grabbed it and moved it up in the elevator, we felt like we were stealing it and didn’t want to run into anyone. On the elevator on the way up, a guy in a suit joined us on the 17th floor. It’s really weird to see someone going up from their floor. He got off on the 27th floor were a classy party was going. After the door opened another partier said hi to our friend and then went “Hey, you got the couch”. Then the door closed. I hope that means he was in deed giving it away and not just storing it down there to make room for the party. He seemed amused we were taking it.

The couch looks really good in our living room (especially compared to nothing). It’s a great find, but I’ll keep my eye open for signs next week asking if anyone knows about a stolen couch.

We grabbed the ghetto tv anyway. We just wanted to see if we were getting free cable without our knowledge. Sadly, we only pick up a few stations full of static and one crystal clear foreign language channel. It was showing some 80s sitcom dubbed in Spanish and after that Chinese news.


  1. Joel just told me to tell you he loves you.
    Also, congrats on the grabbing other people’s garbage. Sept. 1st is the day to do it in Winnipeg, and I got a super sweet couch that day for our now-empty living room.


    • I’m not sure what it was specifically that earned me Joel’s never-ending love, but I’m flattered.
      I kind of slept through the September 1 bonanza here. I hear there were a ton of futons and other furniture for super cheap on Craigslist.


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