Yearly Goals – 2007 Edition

Maybe if I write these down in a public place I’ll actually accomplish some of them.

  • Exercise twice a week
  • Once a week, try out a new recipe from one of my cookbooks
  • Run a half Marathon (there’s one in May and June)
  • Make it down a blue run at Cypress without falling. Accomplished on January 7.
  • Convince some friends to do the Polar Bear Swim 2008 with me and get costumes
  • Join a work sports team this summer
  • Help Emily find an amazing job in Vancouver
  • Organize a monthly poker/boardgame night
  • Go camping 4 times
  • Do the Grouse Grind
  • Take a foreign trip (in addition to Mexico in February)
  • Come up with some goals that aren’t related to recreation

New Goals:

  • Ride the Skytrain through every stop
  • Buy carbon offsets for all my flights this year.


  1. My two cents
    I like the part about finding me a job. I don’t like the one about the frigid swim. I find my (cold water) shower chilling when it’s below 25 degrees outside.
    My suggestion for a non-recreational goal would be to get so drunk you don’t remember the stupid phone calls you make at least once every two months.
    What happened to your Wreck Beach goal?


    • Re: My two cents
      How about not making stupid, drunken phone calls in the first place? I only did that once, really. The second time I was only buzzed.
      I couldn’t find a good way to express the Wreck Beach goal. I’ll still go this summer, but it isn’t a goal.


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