Fresh Powder

Night skiingMost of you won’t care, but I have to tell someone about the amazing snowboarding conditions at Cypress on Saturday. It was snowing all day and by the time we showed up around 4:30 the conditions were just perfect, and it continued to lightly snow all night. Cypress got 50 cm of snow between Saturday and Sunday. 50 cm! The base is now over 3.5 m. What a great year to have a ski pass, especially considering ski hills in Europe and Eastern Canada are green.

It was the best day of snowboarding I’ve ever had. I was carving great. I made it down Panorama (a green run) twice in a row without falling – a major accomplishment for me. I even hit and landed a few jumps.

Nim, Kevin, Lucy, and I were having a blast. So much fun in fact that we went back again tonight. The conditions weren’t nearly as good, but it was still a good time. I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow, but I sit at a desk all day anyway.

I had a few blue runs with only one fall, and then on the 2nd last run of the night I made it down Fork (a blue run) without falling. That’s one goal for 2007 done already. So stoked.

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