My Travel Backpack

Me and My BackpackI love my backpack. I really do. We have a bond that is only formed after 5 weeks of intimate contact. After that much time together, you become one, you fit into each other’s crevices. (And that love may explain why I threw a rock at a chipmunk who chewed through my backpack – although I felt really bad about it later and was glad I missed the fury little devil).

My backpack and I have been featured on My Travel Backpack – a blog by Mathieu, a backpacker from Quebec. Check it out.

One comment

  1. Backpack
    Very cool getting picked for the backpak blog. Now jumping poles with a backpack on doesn’t seem so stupid!!
    Taking your friend Mr Backpack to Mexico with you?
    Meet you in 9 days on the beach!!!


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