Save a Tree, Cut a Tax

A little politics from both sides of the border.

In Canada, we have the Conservatives, who spent there first 11 months in government cancelling every environmental program they could get there hands on and railing against the Liberals for there inept environmental stewardship. And now, what’s this? They’re suddenly a green party because they spent the past 2 weeks reintroducing a few Liberal environmental programs. I’m not buying the extreme makeover. The programs are better than nothing, but they weren’t enough under the Liberals and they’re still not enough now.
The Tyee has a good article about this today.

I love how every conservative solution to domestic problems involves tax cuts. In Canada, we have tax cuts for transit users, tax cuts for day care, and tax cuts for fat kids. Now, south of the border, we have President Bush’s new health care solution: tax cuts for Americans who have health insurance(source CBC). Huh? Great bonus for those who already have health insurance, but how does this help the millions of Americans who can’t afford health insurance? Latest count on uninsured Americans: 47 million!

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