Merry Chris Mass

I got this totally random email forwarded on to me from someone at Momentum Magazine.

“If you’re a Chris, join us on this ride. If you’re not a Chris but would like to be an honourary Chris for an evening, join us. If you just want to go for a ride, join us. Really, just come out for a ride, do you need an excuse? Come and see what it’s like to be a Chris… hear your name constantly, meet as many Chris’ as you can, find different ways of spelling Chris.

We’re encouraging everyone to wear red, green, and/or something shiny. Name tags will be provided. Ride meets at 7pm and leaves at 7:15 sharp from the Gazebo at Science World in Vancouver. We’ll go on a ride on some of Chris’ favourite routes and finish in a local drinking establishment. Discover if beer is really Chris’ favourite drink. Good times.”

I have to say I’m curious. I’ll probably show up.


  1. Despite not living in Vancouver or having the name Chris, this sounds like a great idea (random→great).
    I’ve yet to ride in a critical mass. But I think I will at the end of this month, and I will ride at the Hallowe’en CM for sure.


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