Agent Provocateurs – WTF!?

I’ve been meaning to post about the SPP and the leaders meeting in Montebello ever since our ignorant Prime Minister dismissed protesters who dared to question his wisdom as “sad”. The SPP is scary enough on its own – it is being pushed through the executive branches of government without any debate in parliament. In fact parliamentarians don’t even know what its full extent.

If that wasn’t enough, it appears that police have sent “agent provocateurs” to the protests to stir up some violence and give police an excuse to kick some butt and arrest peaceful protesters. For a while, it looked as though the main stream media was going to dismiss this as another conspiracy theory, but then a a video appeared on YouTube and the blogosphere went wild. I saw the article posted on CBC Radio 3’s blog and now I noticed its on the main CBC news site.

Watch the video. It’s eerie. The agent provocateurs are clearly on edge as the real protesters try to unmask them and they eventually slip into the police lines. What the hell is our country coming to?

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