By the Power of Brocolli

More reasons to become vegetarian…
Meat prices set to soar as production costs mount: analyst “Poor weather in wheat-producing regions of Canada and Europe has contributed to the price increase. In addition, more wheat and oilseed crops are being used to produce biofuels.” The more I hear about biofuels, the worse the idea seems. We’re so addicted to cars, we’re desperate to keep them running (in the face of peak oil and global warming) that we’ll try anything, no matter the auxiliary costs.

Urban Microfarming: A Smart Solution For Vacant Lots “urban gardening movement has taken hold in backyards and community gardens. The harvest…produced at reasonable cost and in areas where fresh organic produce can be difficult to find.” What a great idea. There’s aren’t that many vacant lots in Vancouver (I have seem urban gardens under the Sky Train), but most cities have lots of empty space. According to the article, Detroit has 20,000 vacant lots that are now available to garden with a free permit.

In 2 weeks, London will ban cars from most roads in the core and open them up to bicycles for one day. The event will be called London Freewheel and is the brainchild of London mayor Ken Livingstone. Should be quite the party.

One of the big differences between Vancouver and Seattle is that in Vancouver has a walkable, public waterfront. This is what Vancouver would look like if it put cars ahead of pedestrians (like Seattle does). Photo courtesy of Northwest Progressive Institute.
Elevate Vancouver

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