Getting High in Vancouver

Last week I got high twice, but not in your typical Vancouver sense.

On Thursday, I climbed the Grouse Grind for the first time. Actually we didn’t do the official Grouse Grind, but the more scenic BCMC trail that runs right beside it. So, I still have to go back and do the official Nature’s Stairmaster. It was a great climb. It took me just over an hour to get to the top and it was a good workout. After everyone made it to the top, the group I was with ate dinner at the restaurant and took the gondola down after sunset. I really regret not taking my parents up to the top of Grouse, because the views up there are amazing.

Then on Friday, I went to the Chris Mass and the 50 or so Chris’s biked up to the highest point in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park.
I’ve biked by it on the Ontario bike path dozens of times, but I’ve never actually ventured into the park. It’s gorgeous in there. We arrived just as the sun was setting, so we got to watch that and then explore the fountains at the top.

On Saturday, I went to the Blarney Stone with a big group of people for Lawrence’s birthday. What a blast. Even though the bouncer let the girl’s in first and made the guys wait an hour to get in, I still had fun. As University just started, the place was packed with students, so it brought back a lot of Bomber memories.

Birthday greetings to Graeme, Chris W. and Ayelet. Hope the day was awesome. Graeme, I celebrated your birthday last night with a glass of wine on the beach. Are you in Waterloo right now?


  1. Indeed I was in Waterloo for Monday/Tuesday – I presented at the info session for my employer last night.
    I had fun wandering around campus but boy were there a ton of frosh (first days of classes and all), and “working” remotely while watching the Harry Potter movies in POETS. (Unfortunately it wasn’t Thursday/Friday so there were no BEvERages…)
    And I celebrated my birthday with a number of familiar faces (more in an entry of my own once I’m home), including Chris and Ayelet (who’s already commented on the last couple of days).


  2. Grouse Mnt
    Next visit we will do Grouse Mnt.
    Only 50 Chris’s? Has the fisasco in Minniapolis put a damper on critical masses?


    • Re: Grouse Mnt
      The Chris Mass wasn’t very widely advertised (the only reason I found out was because I subscribe to a local cycling magazine who spammed all their subscribers who’s first name was Chris*. So, considering most people found out by word of mouth, I was actually impressed with the turn out. I don’t think Minneapolis will affect CM here.


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