Vancouver Fringe 07 – Utterly Perverted & Slightly Disappointing

The Vancouver Fringe wrapped up last weekend. Despite a late fringing start, I managed to see 9 shows. Overall I was disappointed with the Fringe this year. The crowds were pretty pitiful (poor advertising?) and none of the shows knocked my socks off (like Legoland last year). But most of the shows were interesting, and I definitely got a year’s dosage of randomness.

Jem Rolls Up (**) – I wasn’t impressed with the Scottish performance poetry. I got to see Brendan McLeod and Barbara Adler on Saturday night (from The Fugitives), and they’re much better.
Miss April Day’s School for Burgeoning Young Strippers (****) – When “audience participation” equals “lap-dance”, you can’t go wrong.
LOUNGE-ZILLA! (****) – Gay cabaret at its raunchiest.
The Absurdyssey (****) – Very cool circus like performance. Dragged on a bit at times.
Napoleon’s Secret Diary (****) – Funny stuff.
American Squatter (***) – A funny slideshow of a comedians youth, but not much more.
Deep Fried Curried Perogies (*****) – My favourite show. Typical Canadian immigrant humour, but well acted and at times hilarious.
Uber Alice (**) – Weird. Random. Slightly funny. Not sure how this was Pick of the Fringe.
Die Roten Punkte (***) – Pretty funny stuff. Did a good job of interacting and improving with the audience.

I also saw Timon of Athens at Bard on the Beach last weekend with Emily. As far as modern adaptations of Shakespeare go, this one was pretty good. I’ll check out Bard on the Beach again next year – supposedly they sold out every show this year.


  1. It makes me happy that a lot of the same shows that we had in Winnipeg showed up at your Fringe as well. It’s almost like we went to the Fringe together, just like old times….*sniff*. I’m jealous that you got to see half of The Fugitives again. I just can’t get enough of them.


    • Yeah, but none of the really good shows made it to Vancouver (like the ones with people I know in them).
      I miss Winnipeg Fringe. I’m going to have to make the trek back home next year to enjoy its awesomeness.
      Yes, The Fugitives are awesome. Barbara Adler performed a poem about crabs that was hilarious, and one about threesomes that was so hot it was almost uncomfortable.


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