Montreal, je t’aime

That's CarbageThe NDP kick butt and wins a federal seat in Quebec (of all places!), and media decides to focus on the Liberals, instead of Thomas Mulcair – the giant killer who pulled off the stunning feat. I think he’ll be the next leader of the NDP. Although the media is playing this as a stunning defeat for the Liberals, if you analyze the numbers, you’ll notice the Liberal votes didn’t drop by that much. It was the Bloc Quebecois that lost most of their supporters to the NDP, which allowed them to defeat the Liberals. This is a good thing for Canada (although maybe not for the Liberals). A stronger NDP presence in Quebec and a weakened Bloc is a good sign for the future of our country. As the dollar shows.

In other good news, the BC NDP has finally decided to oppose Gateway. Or at least the party membership has. The inept leader, Carole James, is again waffling on the issue. Why can’t she just take a stand?

Happy Car Free Day for everyone in Toronto, Waterloo, and Montreal!

Time to ban cars in London. A recent report suggested banning cars would reduce C02 emissions by a whopping 72% by 2030. And the health benefits of replacing car trips with walking and bike rides would trim 4.5 kg of fat per year, reduce breast cancer risks by 25%, increase life expectancy by between 1 and 2 years, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%.

Time to ban salmon farming in BC. It’s dirty, full of lice, and killing off wild salmon.

Co-ops are awesome. MEC, Credit Unions, the ubiquitous Co-op gas stations. And coming to Vancouver in November – a co-op brothel.

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  1. While I didn’t know it was car free day today, I didn’t use the car today, and actually I biked to Shoppers which conveniently had nice wide bike lanes the entire way.


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