$105.45 of KFC? Ummm…I don’t think that was me

I got my Visa bill yesterday, electronically. I didn’t even look at the details, just clicked pay and put in the date I wanted the money removed from my account. Then I realized the amount was kind of small – $105.45. I just booked a bunch of flights (to New York for Thanksgiving and Winnipeg for Christmas), so I was expecting a bigger bill. Then I realized the bill was for my old Green Visa card that I don’t use much anymore.

So, I clicked on the details and saw two charges:
9/22/2007    KFC/TACO BELL #1124 / ST LAURENT    $51.28
9/23/2007    KFC/TACO BELL #1124 / ST LAURENT    $54.17

Weird. I don’t remember buying $100 of KFC or Taco Bell. And I don’t remember that trip to St. Laurent last weekend. Sounds almost as fishy as Bush vows to lead in UN climate change talks – vows to stall and lead the talks nowhere?

I reported the fraud to Visa, and they are investigating. Now if only there was someone to investigate Bush.

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