Welcome to the party – Too bad you’re 5 years late!

I thought CEOs were supposed to be visionary people. How else do they justify there average $9 million salary.

5 years ago, the CEOs of this country were bad mouthing Kyoto, denying the science behind climate change, and claiming the costs were simply too high.

Today, Canada’s CEOs are calling climate change the most pressing issue of our time and calling on the government to take aggressive action. They’re even suggesting a carbon tax might be a good idea. My only question is, what took them so long? For five years we’ve had inaction and dithering as Liberal and Conservative governments claim the cost to Canadian businesses would be too great to make any substation policy decisions.

Maybe this will be enough to convince the current Conservative government to change its tune, which to this day has argued the cost of action would be to high. If anything, the cost waiting will be higher. If we would have put policies in place to combat cliamte change 5 years ago, we would be much better off today – financially and environmentally.

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