Pornographers in the Park

On Monday, Emily and I got our funk on in the park listening to the New Pornographers, Black Mountain, the 1900s, Visqueen, and the dude from Belle and Sebastian. It was great spending a day in Stanley Park, listening to great music. The New Pornographers were rocking, as usual. Black Mountain was impressive, even though I wouldn’t normally listen to their music – too dark and heavy. Stevie Jackson (of Belle and Sebastian) was really funny, although the music wasn’t nearly as good without the rest of his band. The 1900s played upbeat, danceable music – not that anyone danced. Visqueen was ok.

I wasn’t really prepared for how cold it got at night, so I froze my butt off once the sun went down. The only other bummer was security at the venue. They stopped us from bringing in food or water, although they let everyone else bring in loads of weed. We had brought snacks (veggies, hummus, cheese, and crackers) for a picnic and instead were forced to buy overpriced Jamaican patties and falafels. I was kind of pissed. Why can’t you bring food into Malkin Bowl? It was supposed to be a concert in the park, and if we were sitting just outside the venue walls, we could have listened to the music for free and ate whatever we wanted. And why couldn’t we bring in our own water? Instead they forced people to buy plastic water bottles. Grrr…

We were given the choice of throwing our food out, eating it all before entering, or putting it somewhere. Emily and I biked there and the food was in my saddle packs, so I just put one saddle pack back on my bike and hoped no one would steal it. After the concert, my saddle pack was still there, but someone had stolen the food from inside. I wasn’t too upset; I was just happy they left my expensive metal water bottle. They were probably homeless and needed the food more then I did anyway. Funnily enough, they had taken everything except the broccoli and cucumber, which was tossed on the ground. Not very healthy of them.

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