Fringe Festival: Putz (****)

The Vancouver Fringe Festival has started! I’m really looking forward to seeing some wicked shows this year.

Tonight we saw Putz – a one-man comedy about a neurotic, hapless man who feels awkward around women. It was hilarious. It’s done by Andrew Bailey, a member of Atomic Vaudeville. Atomic Vaudeville put on Legoland – the best Fringe show I have ever seen.

Some of the Fringe shows we’re looking to see in the next two weeks:
– Barry Smith’s Baby Book
– Boom
– Mr. Fox
– Sev
– The Sputniks
– The Spy
– Totem Figures


  1. Working at the Fringe in Winnipeg, I got to chat a lot with the fellow who does “The Spy”. I didn’t make it out to see his show, but he’s a very nice man. So, you should make sure to get out to that one. Word on the street was that Mr. Fox wasn’t as good as Dishpig, but he’s a hilarious guy, so you really can’t go wrong there.
    I was in Edmonton during their Fringe too, but I didn’t make it out to any shows. I went to the festival “area” though, and the vibe was awesome. I’d love to try to make it out to Vancouver Fringe at some point in my life as well. Oh, and Joel put on an awesome show this year, I wish he had taped it, I think you would have liked it. It was a one-man show where he just ranted about working in retail for 45 minutes, which is what Joel does best.
    Anyway, take care!


    • Thanks. I heard the same thing about Mr. Fox, but I didn’t get a chance to see Dishpig last year, so I wanted to check this one out.
      The Vancouver Fringe isn’t nearly as good as Edmonton or Winnipeg’s Fringes. It’s smaller and late in the season, so less out of town shows make it. It’s also poorly attended – the venue for Putz was less than 25% full – which is great if you don’t want to line-up for tickets, but crappy otherwise.


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