Good Bye 2008

Since moving to Vancouver in the summer of 2006, I’ve managed to settle in comfortably. The stability was a welcome reprieve after the transient lifestyle I had in University. However, this year I decided to make a few positive changes and spice things up a bit. In September I left Business Objects and started a new job at a start-up company and in December Emily and I moved in together into a new apartment. I survived the year without any major injuries and only a few rolled ankles (another positive change from previous years).

After just over 2 years at Business Objects, I decided to move on to new challenges working at a rapidly growing startup company called Small Energy Group. I’m really happy with my new job. Their is a real buzz at the company and the team I work with is awesome. We’re developing energy monitoring software that helps large buildings reduce energy usage. It’s great working for an environmentally friendly company that is making a positive impact in the world. The team I work with is full of some of the brightest developers I have ever worked with, and I’m being challenged technically for the first time since University.

Emily and I are now settled into our little apartment near Main and Broadway in Vancouver. We’ve made a nice little home for ourselves. Emily provided most of the art for the walls, and I provided most of the furniture. I lasted about a week in our new home before I went out and bought an XBox 360 (Dan owned the one in our old apartment). The location is awesome, in a neighbourhood with lots of vegetarian restaurants and great public transit options.

I’m still enjoying living in Vancouver. Rent is painfully expensive and the city is having a tough time handling all the snow we’ve had lately, but I can get by without owning a car, the mountains and the beach are close, and the city is environmentally minded. I miss my family in Winnipeg, but Vancouver is a great place to be right now. I was fortunate enough to make it back to Winnipeg twice this year to spend time with the family – at Christmas I was lucky to get a flight from Vancouver to Winnipeg and in April I travelled home for a big surprise milestone birthday party for my mother.

It was a great year for travelling. The biggest trip was in June, when Ben and I had our encore European Adventure backpacking across Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. There was also a lot of weekend adventures throughout the year- snowboarding at Big White, surfing in Tofino, snowshoeing at Elfin Lakes, a romantic getaway to Harrison Hot Springs, cycling between wineries in the Okanagan, camping in Garibaldi Provincial Park, and an amazing car-free biking trip to Gabriola Island. My weekdays were also really busy with Ultimate Frisbee twice a week, plus a Spanish class Emily and I took together.

I hope everyone has a great 2009 – full of change, adventure, and good health.

Summit Salutations  Plumber's Convention  Canada Day at Kits Beach  Vigeland Sculpture Park  Blue Lagoon Spa  Mountains in the Clouds
My 2008 photo map

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