New Toys

New Gadgets
I went on a bit of a tech binge in the past week, buying a new camera and a new cellphone.

My new camera is a Canon G11 – a high-end compact camera. My old Canon finally bit the dust a few months ago, so I’ve been shopping around for a new camera and debating between another small point-and-shoot or an expensive SLR. After talking to a few people, I finally decided on something in between – a compact camera that could take SLR quality photos. I’m still playing with the extensive manual controls, but I’m enjoying the camera.

I finally abandoned Rogers and moved over to Wind Mobile, and bought a new Android Huawei U8100. I managed to get a better plan with data for the same price I was paying at Rogers (and I don’t have to pay for incoming text messages anymore – WTF was that Rogers!). Wind’s only shortcoming is their limited coverage, but they’re rapidly expanding it. My Android phone is lots of fun. I’ve never had a smartphone before, so I’m still getting used to checking email and downloading apps.
My New Toys

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