Vancouver Fringe Reviews: Limbo, Antoine Feval, and Heptademic Redux

3 more quick reviews to add to my previous Vancouver Fringe Reviews.

Heptademic Redux: An interesting drama about 7 strangers stuck in a room during an epidemic. Well acted with many dramatic and funny moments, and a thought-provoking plot. You’ll want to arrive early as the 2nd row of seats have a sub-optimal view of the stage. **** (4 stars)

Antoine Feval: A comedic monologue about a bumbling assistant to a shifty detective. Chris Gibbs is a genuinely funny guy and a really energetic actor. Often Gibbs would leave character to talk to the audience, which lead to some of the funniest moments but also took some of the focus from the main show. Many people sitting around us were raving about the show afterwards, but I didn’t find myself laughing out loud for all of the jokes. Overally, a good show, but it lost its flow sometimes. *** (3 stars)

Limbo Andrew Bailey is back and as funny as ever. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen him perform. We saw him in Putz in 2008. (He’s also a member of Atomic Vaudeville, creators of Legoland – the best Fringe show I’ve ever seen. Although I was mistaken in thinking Andrew starred in it – see comments below). Limbo is a monologue about neurotic complexes, self-doubt, and the meaning of life. Andrew has great comedic timing and had me constantly laughing from the beginning of the play until the end. ***** (5 stars)


    • What? All this time I’ve been idolizing Andrew Bailey instead of his Atomic Vaudeville peers. Turns out Legoland was written by Jacob Richmond and starred Amitai Marmorstein (who has his own IMDB page!) and Celine Stubel. I guess I underestimated the number of people involved with Atomic Vaudeville.


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