First Snowfall

This weekend Vancouver got its first dump of snow this winter. I got up early and walked around in the snow. It was lovely.

Some weather forecasters are saying La Niña is going to bring us plenty of the white stuff in the next few months.

Snow Spokes Frosted Branches Winter Park Snowman Goalie Bike Route Snowed In Snow Plough Captain Cranky Says No Cycling

5 thoughts on “First Snowfall”

  1. Hard to believe that Vancouver already has that much snow, when here in southern Ontario today and tomorrow’s weather is suppose to be about 13 and rain.

    From what I hear we are expecting a “Vancouver winter” this year. Mild and rain.


      1. I always have that thought in the back of my mind. I love the snow now (when we have nothing) but I’m sure I’m be cursing it when I have to go out in a blizzard or am clearing the sidewalk and driveway of wet, heavy snow.


  2. Great photos! Loving the snow myself, specially because my place of work had a snow day, so I did not have to actually travel in the snow.

    Could you perhaps get an RSS feed sometime? I see you have had some interesting posts lately, and I missed them … without my RSS feeds to remind me, I forget to check out my favourite blogs sometime (hey, my brain is 50 years old!) I’d love to have an RSS feed from your site.


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