1. Hard to believe that Vancouver already has that much snow, when here in southern Ontario today and tomorrow’s weather is suppose to be about 13 and rain.

    From what I hear we are expecting a “Vancouver winter” this year. Mild and rain.


      • I always have that thought in the back of my mind. I love the snow now (when we have nothing) but I’m sure I’m be cursing it when I have to go out in a blizzard or am clearing the sidewalk and driveway of wet, heavy snow.


  2. Great photos! Loving the snow myself, specially because my place of work had a snow day, so I did not have to actually travel in the snow.

    Could you perhaps get an RSS feed sometime? I see you have had some interesting posts lately, and I missed them … without my RSS feeds to remind me, I forget to check out my favourite blogs sometime (hey, my brain is 50 years old!) I’d love to have an RSS feed from your site.


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