car2go – A New Option for Car Sharing in Vancouver

car2go Vancouver
Vancouverites looking to get around the city without owning a car now have one more option. car2go, an intriguing new car-sharing option pioneered in Ulm, Germany, will start offering access to a fleet of 225 smart cars in June. car2go is very different from existing car-sharing services like Modo and Zipcar. First, you don’t have to return vehicles to where you found them, so one-way trips are possible. Second, cars do not have to be booked ahead of time, you can just find the closest one, jump in, drive, and then leave it when you’re done.

It’s an interesting concept. I’m thinking of signing up, but I’m not sure how it would fit into my existing array of transportation options. I like the spontaneity and the freedom, but I already get that from my bike. For any long journeys, public transit is usually pretty good within Vancouver. Modo co-op cars and vans are handy when I want to go hiking or snowshoeing in the mountains, or I need to move a couch. And for weekend trips outside of the city, I usually rent a car. I don’t see car2go being a replacement for any of those trips. car2go seems to compete with taxi services, but when I’m in a taxi I’m usually drunk, so a convenient car doesn’t help.

I think I’ll sign up and see when it might be handy. Registration is free in the next 2 weeks, and $35 afterwards. The promo code is “VAN”.

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