Blueberries By Bike

Yesterday Emily and I went blueberry picking in Richmond. We didn’t think it was possible to go berry picking without a car, but it was actually really easy. We took the Canada Line to Brighouse Station and then biked 15 minutes (mostly along bike lanes and paths) to a blueberry farm on No. 5 Road.

I was impressed with the bike facilities in Richmond. The city is pancake flat, lacking the hills of Vancouver. Most of Westminster Highway had a bike lane on it, and when we turned on to Shell Road it was a car-free recreational trail. A map of our route is below. Note: Google Maps originally wanted to send us down No. 5 Road instead of the Shell Road Trail. Luckily with Street View we were able to find a better route.

The No. 5 Blueberry Farm had very tasty organic blueberries. It only took us 1 hour to pick 6.5 pounds, and eat our fill. They charge $3 per picker, plus $2 per pound.

There are a few other u-pick farms in Richmond that are easily accessible by Canada Line and biking. We’ll have to make this a regular Sunday outing.

Blueberry Bush Organic Blueberries Farm No 5 Shell Road Trail Westminster Highway Bike Lane

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