Road Rash

I should have went to the Vancouver Zombie Walk. I would have fit right in. I got some good road rash when Emily and I were biking along the Central Valley Greenway in New Westminster and I went over my handlebars. We were going down a hill behind Hume Park and there was a speed bump at the bottom I didn’t see. When I hit the bump, my handlebars twisted and I went over. I skidded to a halt a few feet later. My right hand took the brunt of it, but I also have a big hole in my shorts and my knee and hip have some raspberries too.

After some first-aid work from a nice girl at the pool in Hume Park, we continued our bike ride. It was a pleasant day for a ride, even with the road rash.

Bloody Palm Bloody Knees Road Rash


  1. Thanks. I’m still biking – did about 30 minutes commuting around town this afternoon. I’ve cleaned the road rash and covered it in polysporin. It’s painful, but with some gauze and a glove over top, it’s not too bad. Now, if only I had been wearing gloves when I wiped out.


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