Backpacking Vietnam – Nha Trang

Nha Trang Beach Feet
After almost two weeks of backpacking through Northern Vietnam, the multiple pairs of shorts I had packed had barely left by bag. That all changed when we arrived in Nha Trang, Vietnam’s premiere beach town. It was “cold” by local standards, but still hot enough to lay on the beach, sip fresh coconut juice, and get a nasty sunburn (at least in Emily’s case).
Nha Trang Beach
Our two days in Nha Trang were dedicated to rest and relaxation. We rented bikes and checked out the Cham Ruins of Po Nagar and the large market. Biking in Nha Trang was easy. Most of the streets had light traffic and the cars and motorbikes are good at giving cyclists a wide berth.
Biking Nha Trang Biking Around Cycling in Nha Trang
Beach Biking One-Legged Crossing Electric Bike Pull
The Cham ruins were an interesting diversion. Compared to some of the other ruins in Vietnam, they’re in remarkably good shape and easy to get to.
At the Cham Ruins Po Nagar Cham Tower
Remains of the Champa Empire Goddess Uma Old Uma North Tower Statue
We spent most of our second day at the Thap Ba Hot Spring Mudbaths. It was fun splashing the mud on ourselves, but it was surprisingly cold. The rest of the pools were hot, which was enjoyable in December but I can’t imagine they’d be that popular in July. I guess the cold mud would be more popular then.
Monkey Mud Bath Mudbath Muddy Woman
Hot Springs Maid of the Mist Lovely Lounging Lady
Pool Shady Loungers Hot Springs Pool Waterfall

Relaxing and enjoying the local beverages – coconut juice and beer.
Coconut Time Louisiane Brewhouse Beer Coconut #12
For some reason Nha Trang is popular with Russians – there are direct flights from Russia, menus and signs in Russian, and even some Russian inspired architecture. The Russian money and tourists have also brought lots of mega hotels and resorts.
Russian Architecture Fancy Sheraton Abandoned Theme Park Bumper Cars
When we went to the market, we had a tough time finding a spot to lock up our bikes. We finally found a spot next to a bunch of motorcycles. We were worried, but when we came back the bikes were still there. As we were unlocking them, an old man, who had been sitting across the street at a cafe, came over to let us know (in broken English) that he had dutifully watched our bikes and it would only cost us $1. We bargained him down to 25 cents, and he went back to his friends and we could hear him laughing about how he had conned us out of 5000 dong. But before we left, he came back over, apolgized, and gave us our money back.
Vietnamese Communist Propaganda Coconuts Rice
Louisiane Brewhouse Rooftop Breakfast with a View Beach Club
At OMPH Mini Pool Player Vietnamese Veggie Burger


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