The Acorn – Vancouver’s Newest Vegetarian Restaurant

Cacao dessert at The Acorn
Yes, yes, yes! Vancouver finally has an upscale vegetarian restaurant, with excellent food and great service – The Acorn. And it’s conveniently dangerously located on Main Street and King Edward, the epicentre of several great restaurants including Grub and The Reef.

A few months ago, I was excited when the Yew added a vegan menu – it was good but I wasn’t blown away by the food. I’m happy to report that The Acorn sets the bar for vegetarian fine dining in Vancouver. The quality of the food reminded me of Candle 79 in New York.

We tried the Strawberry and Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, the Braised Oyster Mushrooms, the Zucchini Tagliatelle, and the Ginger Cacao Cake. All of the dishes were great. The gazpacho was light and flavourful. The mushrooms were perfectly seared and served with grilled asparagus. The zucchini tagliatelle is a raw pasta dish with a fabulous tomato sauce. I’ve had raw pasta dishes at several restaurants, and it’s often boring, but this was really tasty with a great texture. The only thing we weren’t wowed by was the sangria.

Most of the dishes at Acorn are vegan or have vegan options. Impressively there isn’t a single tofu dish on the menu, but there are a few gluten-free and raw options. The portions sizes were perfect – small enough that I could comfortably enjoy an entree and split an appetizer and dessert. The food is expensive compared to most vegetarian restaurants ($16-19 for entrees), but it was good value for the quality of the food. Our bill for 2 people, with 1 appetizer, 2 mains, 1 dessert, and 4 drinks was $80 plus tip. Not bad for some of the best vegan food I’ve eaten in Vancouver.

My only suggestion to The Acorn is get more bike racks. The two bike racks in front of the restaurant were rammed.

More pictures (including pictures of the menu) from Scout Magazine, and a review:
IMG_3137 IMG_3172 IMG_3149

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  1. I didn’t even notice there was a new restaurant in my neck of the woods, so thanks for the recommendation. Looks very colourful and delicious, good for a fancy night out.


  2. The foods to die for! Its world class dining. Had no idea that it was this close to where I live. I’ve tried places all over North America but this ranks maybe in my favorite top 3. Nice going Acorn!


  3. I am a regular at the foundation down the road so I popped into acorn to check it out. The food is top notch with very visual artistic flare,so the prices are fair but i fear they might price themselves out of the hood as we are talking about main street here and I’m not sure the skinny jeaned fixed gear bike riding types are going to be lining up out the door like they do at foundation. But if they can gain a following from other parts of town then time will tell.The desserts are way overpriced though had a peanutty type cookie bar with a smear of ganache and a few dots of raspbeery coulis topped with a morsel of whipped coconut “cream”…11 bucks??? it was good but come on guys 7 tops was more in line for what we got. All in all price considered we’ll pop in 3-4 times a year unlike the 3-4 times a month at foundation,naam etc.


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