Shuswap Lake Houseboat

Shuswap Hot Tub
To celebrate our crew of friends getting older (Dan’s 30th and Erica’s “29th”), we spent the Labour Day long weekend partying on a houseboat crammed with 24 people. We had good food, lots of alcohol, swimming in the lake, a glow-stick dance party with a piñata, and bonfires on the beach. It was a party weekend, but our boat was pretty tame compared to the craziness we witnessed on other boats that docked on the beach each night.

Loading up the boat and sleeping in the cubbyhole.
Lake Mara Wheelbarrow Loading Cubby Hole Accomadations

When it was sunny out, there was lots of deck space to lounge.
Sunny Morning Deck Chairs Relaxing Morning
Decktop Relaxing Captain Christina

Beaching the boat was tricky the first time, but we got the hang of it.
Beaching Knot Tying Driving the Stake

How not to land a boat (some drunken neighbours arrive).
How Not to Land a Boat

The lake had the warmest water I’ve found in BC.
Pineapple Toss Houseboat Leap Lake Floaties

Good food and lots of booze.
Vegetable BBQHouseboat Alcohol

More photos on Flickr. Videos of the fun we had with the boat’s slide below.

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