Garden Update: Salsa Time and Mystery Squash

Cherry Tomatoes Large Tomatoes Hot Peppers
This late surge of warm September weather is really helping our tomato and pepper plants. I was worried none of the green tomatoes would have a chance to ripen, but I picked the first 5 monster tomatoes yesterday and there’s dozens more just starting to turn orange. We even have a few jalapenos making a late push. Which can only mean one thing – it’s fresh salsa time!

Mystery SquashI also found this mystery squash in our community garden. I transplanted it in the spring from our compost bin (often seeds from squash, pumpkins, and tomatoes will sprout). One of my neighbours thought it could be chayote (which we used to make pho), but it doesn’t look bumpy enough. After scanning pictures on google, I think it might be Lebanese White Bush Marrow, but I don’t where the seed would have come from, it’s not exactly a grocery store variety of squash.


    • I think you’re right about the hybrid. Either it’s a hybrid or it came from a hybrid. A friend mentioned that “if it grew from a hybrid seed, it could look like one of its unnamed grandparents.” I’ll have to cook one up and see how it tastes.


    • Apparently yes: Best Winter Garden Varieties (West Coast Seeds).

      Vancouver gets frost from November to March (a shrinking window because of climate change), but there are some plants that will grow in the cold. In most cases you need to plant by August to have something to harvest in the winter. The only thing I planted was a second round of carrots. There are also some overwintered plants, like garlic, that are planted in the fall for harvest in the spring.


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