Destination Bike – Vancouver’s Olympic Village

Recombinant Bike
The Olympic Village has become a real destination for cyclists and pedestrians enjoying the seawall. On a sunny day like today, the area is overrun with bikes. Some of the cyclists are just passing by, but a lot of them are stopping to eat at Terra Breads, take a picture with the giant birds, and have a pint at the Tap & Barrel. I love the energy and life it’s bringing to the neighbourhood.

Tap & Barrel Bike Parking

The city has installed several new bike racks, but there still isn’t enough capacity. A large temporary bike rack in front of Tap & Barrel is rammed most evenings and weekends.
Temporary Bike Parking

The bike racks in front of Terra Breads and London Drugs are also full.
Terra Breads Bike Parking Olympic Vilage Bike Parking

Almost every street sign and has a pair of bikes locked to it.
Parking on any Pole 1 Parking on any Pole 2
Parking on any Pole 3 Parking on any Pole 4 Parking on any Pole 5

And cyclists have been finding creative solutions to the lack of bike parking.
Creative Bike Parking

I, for one, welcome the invading cyclists and the new transportation future they represent. It’s much nicer having your neighbourhood overrun with bikes than noisy cars.


  1. Definitely a nice site! Love the last picture of BC Place! Watching Lions/Whitecaps games on TV it doesn’t appear all that special inside, but the outside is much nicer then the old look.

    –“It’s much nicer having your neighbourhood overrun with bikes than noisy cars.”

    When I moved to my current location 13 years ago, the area was quiet. Over the years it has become painfully busy. Cars, trucks and buses at all hours.
    The only good thing is I swear it has to be St. Catharines’ busiest road for cyclists!


  2. Well, locking up bikes like that to the rail, isn’t the greatest idea. Wonder if anyone will have some better ideas ….soon. Or maybe the community centre there has to install more or different type of bike parking structure.


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