We’re Adopting … Cats!

Boo Williams Chai
We pick up the two newest additions to our home on Saturday. We’re adopting two cats from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue – Boo and Chai. Emily has been trying to convince me to get a cat for years, and I finally gave in. I couldn’t resist the cuddly cuteness. The plan was to get one, but the reasons to adopt two made a lot of sense.

From VOKRA‘s website:

Boo Williams is a healthy, slim, black male with a wisp of white hair on his belly. Residents in a Vancouver neighbourhood noticed him prowling yards, mooching for food and eventually arranged for VOKRA to rescue him. What a great surprise to discover this ‘street cat’ is as loveable and gentle as you could wish for. Although not much is known of his background, he is probably 2+ years old, great with the litter box, intelligent, very sociable and affectionate. Boo gets along very well with cats (currently sharing a foster home with his pal Chai) and possibly dogs as well.

Being a younger cat, Boo loves activity, interactive play time, frequent belly rubs and, like most cats, the smell of fresh air. He will not be happy if left alone for extended periods of time. His agility and intelligence have enabled him to become a highly skilled ‘escape artist’ so potential adopters will need to prepare for that. If you are prepared to offer Boo William a forever home, you will be very glad you did.

Chai is a pretty and playful female with a very soft coat. She loves meeting new people and gets along very well with other cats, probably dogs as well. She came to VOKRA as a two year old abandoned and pregnant mom in the fall of 2010. All her kittens were adopted but she hasn’t been as lucky in finding her forever home, despite her wonderful qualities. Chai is gentle, cuddly and thrives on affection so it’s important that she gets plenty of it, especially when relocating to a new home. In summary, a loveable companion for an affectionate owner who enjoys spending quality time together.

Chai is currently sharing a foster home with another VOKRA cat Boo Williams and they have become best buddies. If you’re looking to adopt and wish to double your fun, Chai and Boo make a great pair and must be adopted together.


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