Marathon Training – Week 4

Cambie Running Room Run Club
Finger InjuryThis week we had a chiropractor talk to our marathon clinic about injury prevention. And then I went and injured myself. We were doing speed work around Charleston Park and I wiped out in a corner and ripped up my hand. Not a bid deal. What is a big deal is how my ankle felt the next morning. At first I thought it was just stiff so I went running anyway on Wednesdday night, but after 3 km I knew something was wrong.

I’m pretty sure I have achilles tendonitis. It seems pretty mild, but I need it to heal fully if I plan on running a marathon. So I stopped running, focusing instead on hip stability exercises. By the end of the week my achilles felt good. I tried doing the Sunday long run (Week 5 spoiler alert), and it felt good at first but after 12 km I could feel my achilles starting to ache again. I stopped immediately and took the bus home. Obviously I need to give it more than 4 days to heal, spend some time strengthening it, and figure out the root cause of the problem.

Running Into the TunnelI’ve never had achilles problems before, but I’ve never run 50+ km a week. From what I’ve read, the cause is probably a combination of a sudden increase in running, too much speed work, my new running shoes, and the 5 km I ran in my Vibram’s. I might buy a new pair of shoes if I can find something that puts less strain on my achilles.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 16.9 Long 1:28:45 5:15 map
Monday Off
Tuesday 9.5 Speed 0:50:49 5:19 (avg)
3:44 (peak)
Wednesday 3.1 Steady 0:17:28 5:34 map
Thursday 0 Injured
Friday 0 Injured
Saturday 0 Injured
Running Total 29.5 2:37:02 5:19

4 week downs, 13 more to heal and get marathon ready. Last weeks results are here.


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