Cross-Country Skiing at Cypress Mountain

Cross Country Skiing at Cypress
Emily, Mairy, and I a great time on cross-country skiing up at Cypress Mountain on Sunday. It was good to get out and enjoy the fresh mountain air and play in the snow. We stuck to the green runs and skied for 90 minutes, with a break in between for lunch, covering 9 km of trails with lots of ups and downs (map here). I only wiped out once the downhill.

We ate lunch at the Hollyburn Lodge. They had vegan and gluten-free chili, french fries, buns, and a few baked desserts. Pretty good for lodge food.

Cypress Cross Country Skiing Uphill Warmup X-Country Emily Mairy Goes Zoom Emily Enjoying the Fresh Air Vegan Lunch at Hollyburn Lodge Winter Window No Bikes Beams on Skis Cross Country Skiing Hollyburn Lodge X-Country Stretch View of the Alpine Area Skiing With Mairy In the Tuck Barrett's View Cypress Viewpoint Math Magic


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