Geekathlon 3.0

At 8:30 AM, there will be a 30k run. Meet at the Cambie Running Room. Several people will be running 10-15 km and turning around early. Erica and I will run the full 32 km.

At 3:30 PM, there will be a limited-entry, multi-event Geekathlon (inspired by Hirtle’s 30th birthday). Read on below for details.

At 6:30 PM, there will a party with food and drinks. Absolutely no birthday gifts, but you can bring something to share, like cupcakes, alcohol, or a board game.

login: contestant12
password: ************

Welcome contestant12 to geekathlon3.0

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ ls


[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ diff geekathlon birthday

< The Geekathlon is a multi-event competition to determine who the biggest geek is.
< Buttons will be mashed, boards will be gamed, reflexes will be tested, and alcohol will be consumed.
< Prizes for the winners.

> The birthday celebration will happen after the Geekathlon.
> Food will be eaten, alcohol will be consumed, conversation will flow, and the Geekathlon champion will be crowned.
> No gifts allowed.

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ who -q

cdnveggie – Chris
theladiesman – Dan
thefury – Ben
wachunga – David
exortech – Owen
thegentleman – Neil
thebrit – Simon
thekat – Katie
marathonsprague – Erica
captaincaddo – Barrett
ultimatecoughlin – Michael
powderhound – Justin
dubes – Brian

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ locate geekathlon


[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ which events

/events/1/finger_flicking_board_game_2_player Crokinole
/events/2/reflex_testing_video_game_solo Jet Pack Joy Ride
/events/3/melee_video_game_4_player Bomberman
/events/Final/battle_royal_board_game_6_player King of Tokyo

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ cat boo.txt
( \
) )
( ( .-“”-. A.-.A
\ \/ \/ , , \
\ \ =; t /= MEOW
\ |””. ‘,–‘
/ // | ||
/_,)) |_,))

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ rm .bash_history
Ninja style.

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ logout

Good luck contestant12. See you at the Geekathlon.